Is that Fred Doyle’s music I hear?

20130709-143609.jpgLOWELL — Fred Doyle is launching another campaign for City Council because he believes City Manager Bernie Lynch has done a poor job and the current crop of nine city councilors have not taken Lynch to task for his performance.
Doyle, 74, said as a councilor he would not give Lynch a new contract, and if he served while Lynch was still working for the city, he would publicly challenge the manager when he disagrees with the actions he takes.

Lowell Sun

Got to love Freddy Doyle. It appears he’s totally reinvented himself. When folks didn’t go for the grumpy curmudgeon act the first 10 tunes around, he spent a little time with his fairy god mother and poof!…we’ve got a cleaner, sleaker, grumpy curmudgeon with a new car smell.

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