How short will City Hall come up tonight?


On July 9that 7:00 PM in City Hall, the Lowell City Council will hold a public hearing to take comment on a proposed zoning change that would extend the Traditional Mixed Use (TMU) from Berkley Ave (the NE corner of Shedd park) to Phoenix Ave.; a distance of approximately 625 yards. The stretch is currently zoned Regional Retail (RR). Such a change would preserve all the current commercial use, but would limit future development that would be inappropriate for the neighborhood, the traffic and the city, in general.

In a nutshell…the neighbors want the zoning for Roger Street changed so that the current festival of disaster, that greets our citizens & guests alike as they descend on our fair city, doesn’t get any worse.

In other words, when the current business owners decide that their f’all sandwiches aren’t cutting the mustard, they wont be able to sell their lots to Taco Bell so that they can rifle Chalupas into cars at 2am on their way to a 495 dewey. (We’re all looking at you Jillies)

If the zoning change is approved, nothing changes. The businesses that are there continue to do business as usual. Status quo.

Why even bother with the public hearing? Dunk this thing through and celebrate on the way up the floor.

Oh wait, that’s right…it’s Lowell. We need to parade out the business owners who are worried about “diminishing property values.” Not because this change impedes their business and its service to the community. Why? Because the conveyance of Chalupas requires a drive-through window.

Boom! It’s story as old as time. Lots of local lawyers are not fans of this move. Lots of Lowell voters are. Let the election season begin!

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