Aaron Hernandez is not quite done yet…

I’m convinced that the difference between Aaron Hernandez being a monster and a sympathetic figure is the absence of Robin Thicke on his kill count. Somebody needs to stop #thicke…why not Aaron Hernandez?

#81 can start repaying his debt to society by redeploying his “skills” in a far more useful capacity to those of us that have a functioning moral compass. As everyone knows, it’s immoral to kill, but lovingly suggesting/hiring a hit lands in that gray area…and let’s be honest, we’re all pretty comfortable residing in that gray area.

This week’ target:

Robin Thicke. Not since Santana and Rob Thomas collaborated for a decade long dry-anal raping of our collective ear drums, have we been assaulted this prolifically by the local pop stations.

“Aaron Hernandez: Killer Fo Hire” will be a weekly feature on the blog.


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